Samantha mathis who is she dating

I can not recall the interview I seen where Mathis says these things but I do thank you for shedding the light. I myself have always like Samantha and from what i have read and seen i really don't think she said anything nasty about River or ever would. that being said i still think that Martha although not as pretty as Sam was River's soulmate and maybe if they would of stayed together things would of turned out differently for River.I to do believe that it was just the press editing it to sound more juicy and appealing. I agree Val, martha and River seemed to have something very special, I have always had the up-most respect for martha a.

for example, she did say she had put river behind her (as she had to do) but follows that up with the fact she will never forget him.I don't recall the intire the interview for she was only on for about 30 seconds, but I do recall her saying something along the lines of "I don't really care about River, I have forgotten about him and the things he did.It's in the past." Does anyone know why she feels so sour toward him?Describing Phoenix, the critically acclaimed star of Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade and Stand By Me, as a frustrated rock star, Forrest said that in the days leading up to his death he had fallen in with Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist John Frusciante.Hi All, I once watched an interview and Samantha Mathis was talking about River and she wasn't saying anything nice about him.

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