Who is kim fields dating

You can also follow an interesting bulletin board discussion (GIST Boards) on the first time that Fox canceled the show in Fall of 1997.

Finally, "avimall" provides a complete episode guide for Living Single .

According to ATLien from Straightfromthea.com, Bridges is currently working as a game show host on in Las Vegas.

He stopped by the set for a surprise visit with his former young love, Fields.

TV Guide: May 7, 1983, p29 : "Kim Fields Fish Story." Includes early pics of Kim fishing. Extensive site, includes pics, links to numerous articles (some featuring Kim), and the complete Episode Guide. 1 - 5, 1996: scroll down to "Kim Fields Directing Episode of 'Living Single' in February". This page no longer exists, so click here to view/download the article in ASCII text format. The News-Times: March 8, 1996 : "Tootie's a fact of life, but Kim Fields Freeman has moved on" Entertainment Weekly, May 8, 1998 : Bet you didn't know Kim watched Seinfeld!? Biography from Lifetime's Intimate Portraits (2001) Biography Someone's personal encounter with Kim Fields I earlier posted a notice that Kim would be interviewed on ET, and I hope most of you caught the show.

Or even better check out this Unofficial Facts of Life Web Site ! You can also see a picture in my collection of photos.

Then you resort to 'well, I'm on TV, someone oughta want me! Hope you caught the full story on September 4, 2000!!! I unfortunately missed both because I assumed no new episodes would air on a holiday, so I will have to wait until re-runs.

It is her hard work that has led her to the greatest heights of success.

, which starred Todd Bridges, 50, and deceased cast members Gary Coleman, Dano Plato and Conrad Bain as the wealthy businessman who adopted Todd and Gary after their parents died.

Kim Fields played Todd’s girlfriend on the show and off.

Black Hollywood Reports also did a quick blurb on the news, and TV Scope has a longer farewell piece with a particular note on Kim.

You can review my mini-photo gallery on Kim Fields compiled from articles and various Web sources or see below for biographical information and links to more articles on Kim.

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